Services Provided in Temple


The Society shall work within the territory of India.To establish a temple premises of God Shree Mahadev at Burmanallah.Objectives of the society shall be as enumerated below :

To preach the message of Lord Mahadev to hold meetings, and campaigns to pioneer and support puja work in the lord Mahadev Temple.To print and publish religious literature such as magazines, pamphlets, books and Booklets.

To train workers for pujas to support devotees of Lord Mahadev for the propagation of the piece and religious harmony.To co-operate with the non government Organizations or Associations in India and abroad.

To establish Community Halls and support social work through Schools and Orphanages and to provide and give Medical Relief and Monetary Help and shelter to poor and deserving children to administer any trust or endowment.


To receive any sum or sums of money as gifts or donations in cash or kind or subscriptions given to or acquired by any other means by the religious campaign and to spend in fulfillment of all or any of the objects of the religious campaign.To promote science literature and fine arts and to create awareness of benefit of the mediation.

To borrow or raise money whenever necessary for some urgent and important work of the Puja or for the maintenance of the Temple and uplift or for any other religious or charitable purpose by mortgaging the property of the committee from time to time. The value of such loan shall in no case exceed half of the total value of the properties.


We Express our HeartFelt thanks to our Generous Donors, which includes TCI,RSN and Sakthi Hardware who helped the Construction with Container/Freight Services, Steel and Clearing Forwarding respectively